The houses of the curious


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A hero awakens to memories of another life scattered across time.

An inventor in exile races to avert an apocalyptic destiny.

An artificial intelligence weaves a web that will change the fate of humanity.

Cataclysm gathers on the horizon of a world carved by the hands of time travelers.

Memories of a stranger thrust Aurora into a war between powerful corporations, machine armies, and a pantheon of digital beings. Pursued by a ruthless mercenary, Aurora and her friends must flee their home and seek out an exiled war hero. As she descends into a wondrous new world of technological marvels, the motives of her allies and enemies prove to be more than they appear. To save herself and humanity she must realize her destiny and face a terrible question: Is she even real? 

The Houses of the Curious is an exuberant journey through a richly built science-fiction world painted in psychedelic visions and mythic fantasy.

“My favorite part of the Houses of the Curious was the rich “magic” system based on AI. Bowie reminded me of N.K. Jemison in the way he grounded this system in realistic near-future science to make it feel tactile and believable. Through this AI magic system, he robustly and thoughtfully addresses questions of memory, brain chemistry, and identity; I want a sequel!” - L.M.

“Set it a unique world of AI, this book delivers a good combination of dazzling imagery and thought-provoking theories. I found myself very attached to the main character and caught up in her quest to understand who she is and what it means to be human. I specifically liked the author's vivid imagination and how his description of each scene made the story come alive.” - R.V.

“Amazing world, fantastic characters and riveting plot. As enthralling as Ender's Game, with a world as mind-blowing as Hyperion. I don't invoke these members of the sci-fi pantheon lightly, but this book is destined to rank among them.” - L.A.

“This amazing new Sci-Fi read is engaging, entertaining, and comes alive as you read it. The vivd details and descriptions truly bring the book to life. As an avid sci-fi reader I could not recommend it more!” - L.