houses of the curious

Book one of the upcoming Parallel series

by John Bowie

When memories of a strange version of herself, Mirien, bursts into her mind through her dormant neural implants, Aurora is thrust into the heart of a war between shadowy corporations, machine armies, and a pantheon of digital beings, leading her and her friends to embark on a journey to find a mysterious inventor. Their flight leads them from their home in the mountains and into a world where humanity is joined together by networked neural implants, sharing experiences like a vast aspen grove. To save herself from her relentless pursuer and to understand the memories of another life, Aurora must confront her past and harness the true potential of her power.

The Houses of the Curious is a mythic quest somewhere in the space between the mythic realism of Stephen King's Dark Tower, the sprawling philosophoical inquiry of Frank Herbert's Dune, and the cyberpunk future of Masamune Shirow's Ghost in the Shell.


coming soon!

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